Body Electric Massage in Nairobi, Kenya


Body Electric is a massage school in Oakland, California. They offer workshops all over the world. My experience with Body Electric taught me how to give and to recieve. I realized the spiritual and erotic aspects of massage work. I offer nurturing, serenity and eroticism in addition to the therapeutic healing of traditional massage work.

Erotic or sensual massage uses touch for an emotionally pleasing response. Strokes are typically light or moderate, and are psychologically therapeutic. I use relaxing music and candles at night. I usually work naked. My massage is intended to indulge, to make you feel special and cared for. This variety of sensual massage is intended to promote positive self-image and acceptance of the body, and help to reattach a wholesome view of sexual energy within the body.

Therapeutic Massage in Nairobi, Kenya


Swedish massage is done with long, smooth strokes, using oil to lubricate the skin. This technique increases blood flow and oxygenates the area being massaged. This process flushes out toxins which cause ache and fatigue. Once the area is warmed up, kneading can relax and remove knots from muscle. Deep tissue massage, also known as Myofascial or Rolfing, is a slower deeper massage. The aim here is to work on the body’s Myofascial tissue, a web like structure that holds they body’s systems in place. This tissue tightens, causing strain on the system. The technique used here can correct this.

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Massage Dynamics


There are several options for one on one massage. You may choose to come early, relax, get naked and enjoy the warmth of the jacuzzi before your massage. You may choose to treat yourself to complete passive pleasure. Lay down, and enjoy an hour or more of receiving a complete massage experience tailored to your needs. Feel free to tell me exactly how you would like to spend this time on the table. Tell me what you like and what you don’t. The best way to get what you want is to tell me what you like.

As well as individuals, I invite male and female couples to join me in an exploration of your eroticism. Each partner in turn will follow me in a guided massage, which will show each of you how to touch the other like you never had before.

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How to Make an Appointment for a Massage


Just use my contact page. You will be informed of my fees based on what you want. I accept cash. I am available 24/7. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Please tell me exactly what you desire. There is no reason to be shy when you communicate this to me. Leave a message if you get my machine. I promise total discretion in all inquiries and appointments.

It is best to call 24 hours or so in advance, but if you can’t plan ahead, I am often ready to take you with as little as 5 minutes notice. The most important thing about making an appointment is that you arrive on time. If there is any problem with this please call me.

Once you have made an appointment there are a few things you might keep in mind. The most important thing to remember is to show up on time. I will be ready for you at the time we agree on. Arriving too early or too late may cause problems.

Hygiene is extremely important when getting a massage. Take a shower before you come, and yes, wash everything. Please do not wear cologne.

Thank you for reading this. I hope I have explained everything in a way that is not offensive to you. Everything I have mentioned here is so that you have the best massage experience possible. If you have any questions, please talk to me.

How I do Massage


My goal is to help you relax and feel good with your body. My hands and studio are well equipped to make your experience the best available.

I have combined Swedish, deep tissue and Taoist erotic massage techniques so I can give you one great experience. I am one of the only therapists in this area professionally trained in all these areas. I treat your entire body to great strokes that relax rejuvenate, and stimulate. I provide you with pleasant, relaxing music, hot oil (scentless, natural oil that is absorbed by the skin), candles (at night), soothing scents and a comfortable massage table.

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Body Electric Massage in Nairobi City

Body Electric Massage in Nairobi City

Treat yourself to a truly breathtaking therapeutic and erotic massage. You may come to my studio in Nairobi and enjoy a day of relaxation in paradise. My fee is calculated per hour. I also offer 3 one hour massages. Enjoy a full body therapeutic and erotic massage, the warmth of the Jacuzzi and the beauty of being naked in a friendly, tranquil environment. Come, relax and get comfortable-you are in for a great experience!

Whether you are gay, straight, bisexual, or bi-curious, you can benifit from the work that I do. Regardless of your experience with women, what I do provides you with nurturing touch that like none you have ever experienced before. I provide a beautiful, relaxing and hot encounter with a woman without being mislead or rejected. If you have never been with a woman before I can give you the oportunity to see what it is like to be touched by a woman in a safe environment without the pressure of knowing how to perform.

I am conveniently located in Nairobi. I offer Swedish, Deep tissue, and Body Electric massage. My touch is intuitive, warm and friendly. I have over 10 years of experience to give you exactly what you are looking for. I am available 10AM – 10PM, 7 days. Just call my number to make an appointment.

Be sure to set up an appointment for the massage you have been looking for…a truly incredible massage experience by a masseur with the experience and training to make it the best you have ever had.

Everything I do is explained here. Please take the time to see what I can do for you. The links below will take you to pages that describe the various aspects of what I can offer you. It’s all here.